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Our team at SMB Compass is agnostic to industries and works across all industries and geographic regions. We recommend speaking with an advisor to learn more about industry specific solutions.
Construction Industry Icon

Construction Industry

The construction industry is notorious for being capital…
restaurant industry

Restaurant Business

In the food industry – or any business industry, for that…

Medical Practice

Owning and operating a medical practice is both exciting…
hotel industry

Hotel Business Loan

Managing a hotel business may seem fancy on the outside…

Beauty Salons/Spas

The beauty industry has become increasingly…

Retail Stores

When you are equipped with the right financing partner…
auto repair industry

Auto Repairs & Sales

Automotive businesses are capital intensive, but with an…
landscaping industry business

Landscaping Services

Like any business, you need substantial working capital…
toy-gift industry

Toy / Gift Industry

If you don’t have the luxury of quick paying customers…
transportantion industry


When you are equipped with the right financing partner…
manufacturing industry


Running any business is hard. Cash flow is always an issue…
staffing industry


Staffing businesses capitalize on current trends…


Managing cash flow can be challenging for technology…
accountant industry

Accountants & Auditors

Every company has to start somewhere. Some of the…
veterinary industry

Veterinary Financing

Whether you want to purchase updated…
franchise industry


Starting a franchise is costly, due to a handful …

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