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Serine Alejandro

October 24, 2021

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Companies in New Hampshire

Business Loans for Companies in New Hampshire

The state of New Hampshire’s economy is built on the backbone of small and medium size businesses. The agriculture and manufacturing industry have been at the forefront of the local economy for decades. “Overtime the economy has greatly benefited from the economic expansion in the metropolitan Boston area” -and-constraints.html . As the local economy strengthens, SMB Compass continue to help provide business loans to variety of industries throughout New Hampshire.

There has been sizeable growth of industries such as health care, manufacturing, construction, and hospitality. This has made business loans a very important resource in New Hampshire. It is helping to grow and expand businesses throughout the state. SMB Compass specializes throughout New Hampshire providing SBA Loans, Equipment Financing, Bridge loans, lines of credit, and Asset based loans.

New Hampshire Manufacturing Loans

The manufacturing industry has always played a vital part in New Hampshire’s economic growth. It accounts for over 10% percent of the state’s output. New Hampshire exports billions of dollars a year in products. These manufacturing companies commonly deal with cash flow issues. Cash flow is the main issue that all manufacturing companies face. Business loans help to cover overhead expenses and inventory complications. This allows businesses to purchase materials and new equipment. By freeing up working capital businesses can continue to take on new orders and grow the business.

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Construction Financing New Hampshire

Construction Financing New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s economy has improved with exceptional growth in the insurance and real estate industry in recent years. There are a lot of operational expenses that these business owners incur. Small business loans help to cover expenses and expand these growing businesses throughout the state. The construction industry is beginning to see large demand in New Hampshire. Contractors always need working capital to start new projects and cover expenses for existing jobs. Construction financing allows contractors to purchase new materials and equipment. The construction industry is notorious for long pay terms. Business loans allow contractors to bridge the gap of outstanding payments and keep operations running smoothly.

Hospitality Financing New Hampshire

A scenic state that attracts tourists with adventures and beautiful vacations, tourism will always play an important role in the economy. Business owners use small business loans to deal with the seasonality that comes with tourist destinations. Small business loans help bridge the gap for businesses during the slow seasons. The hospitality industry utilizes small business loans to cover added expenses and payroll.

SMB Compass specializes in small to medium size businesses throughout New Hampshire. While providing financing to business owners in a wide range of industries throughout the state. There is a significant need for equipment financing and invoice factoring in New Hampshire. SMB Compass provides financing programs in New Hampshire that range from $25,000 up to $100 million. Schedule a call with a Lending Advisor today to learn more about the business loan options in New Hampshire.

Small Business Loans in Hampshire

Hampshire Small Loan

Here are the many ways to use a small business loan in New Hampshire

Acquire a small business loans Texas

Refinance existing loans and credit card debt

Purchase or refinance commercial real estate

Buy or lease machinery and equipment

Purchase inventory and raw materials

Improve Cashflow

Marketing and advertising campaigns

Upgrade technology and business software

Renovate existing office space

Day to day operating expenses

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