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Serine Alejandro

October 25, 2021

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Companies in Pennsylvania

Financing for Companies in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania, famous for steel manufacturing has diversified its economy over the last half century. The state is home to major cities such as Pittsburgh and Philadelphia that offer great opportunities for small businesses to thrive. Pennsylvania also has some of the finest universities in the world, most notably The University of Pennsylvania, which provides businesses the opportunity to choose from a strong pool of applicants. SMB Compass provides business loans in Pennsylvania to a wide range of industries and businesses to help the growing local economy

Manufacturing Loans for Pennsylvania Companies

Although the manufacturing industry has slowed in recent years it is still a massive part of the state’s economy, with over 560,000 employees active in the industry. The manufacturing industry in Pennsylvania is diverse and it is not reliant on one single product; the state produces mass amounts of paper, machinery, plastics, metal, and pharmaceuticals. The manufacturing industry relies on small business loans in Pennsylvania to cover inventory and overhead expenses. Equipment financing in Pennsylvania is critical for business owners to purchase new equipment and machinery as more opportunities arise.

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Agriculture Loans in Pennsylvania

Agriculture Loans in Pennsylvania

Agriculture has always been influential to Pennsylvania’s economy, and this still rings true today. With a rise in agricultural costs over the years, Pennsylvania has adjusted its farming industry by focusing more on fruits, corn and mushrooms. Livestock is crucial to the state’s economy and produces almost 70% of the state’s agricultural revenue. Businesses in this industry rely on small business loans in Pennsylvania to maximize their revenue on a yearly basis.

Natural Gas and Tourism Loans in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has seen an increase in the demand for natural gas, which had seeped into other growing industries. The state is home some of the largest public and privately company’s in the country . Large companies are attracted to the state due to its talented workforce and both its rural and populated areas. With major cities and outdoor attractions outside the city limits, the tourism and hospitality industries also play an immense role in the state’s economy. The tourism and hospitality industries use small business loans and hotel loans to accommodate millions of visitors per year.

Small Business Loans in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania loans

Here are the many ways to use a small business loan in Pennsylvania

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Refinance existing loans and credit card debt

Purchase or refinance commercial real estate

Buy or lease machinery and equipment

Purchase inventory and raw materials

Improve Cashflow

Marketing and advertising campaigns

Upgrade technology and business software

Renovate existing office space

Day to day operating expenses

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