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Serine Alejandro

August 1, 2021

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Foundation Companies

Financing for Foundation Companies

Foundation contractors are the first to complete work on a construction job. This usually correlates to foundation companies being the first paid on a project. Although this is the case, foundation companies have heavy upfront and ongoing expenses to bid and execute on new projects. Equipment, materials, and labor are the 3 main expenses that require big capital needs from foundation companies. Some companies choose to use operating cashflow to fund new projects and other turn to financing programs for foundation companies.

Foundation contractor loans provide low cost and flexible solutions to enable foundation contractors to execute on existing projects and start new ones. By choosing a foundation contractor loan program you are able to work on more projects than your current cashflow allows. You are able to grow your business with more available capital and focus on adding new projects for revenue growth. Below are the most frequent reasons why companies use foundation contractor loan programs.

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Foundation Contractor Loan Options

Foundation Contractor loan options

How to use a Foundation Contractor Loan

There are a number of financing programs available to foundation companies. Choosing the right program can make the difference in not only the profit margin of the project, but your ability to complete the project. The collateral that you have available will impact the program you can qualify for. Some programs are revolving credit lines while others are term loans. At SMB Compass we will guide you through the application process and make sure that you choose the right foundation contractor loan for your business.

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