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Dane Panes

January 1, 2021

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Financing for Framing Contractors

Companies that specialize in commercial and residential framing are an integral part of a construction project. Framing contractors work from design through completion and work with other specialty subcontractors throughout the process. There is collaboration with electricians, plumbers, and other subs to ensure that the framing design meets the specifications required for the project. With the project also comes a list of expenses that are incurred at the beginning of the project and will continue to tie up cashflow until completion.

Whether your framing contracting business specializes in light-frame construction or heavy-frame construction, capital is always a necessity. To start new projects or for existing ones, framing contractor loans are a great resource to keep up with the ongoing capital needs. Framing contractor loans provide capital that is flexible, cost effective, and can have a major impact on the growth trajectory of your business. Instead of tying up operating cashflow for new projects, you should consider exploring framing contractor loan programs. Below are some of the ways to use a framing contractor loan.

Mobilization funding

Purchasing materials

New equipment

Refinance short term debt

Design expenses

Working capital



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Framing Contractor Loan Options

Framing Contractor loan options

How to use a Framing Contractor Loan

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the framing contractor loan program that’s right for your business. There are needs that require lump sums of capital when a project begins and others that require flexibility as a project is being completed. Turning to a line of credit for framing contractors provides standby capital for ongoing projects. When purchasing equipment or refinancing debt, turning to a term loan for framing contractors is ideal. .At SMB Compass we will guide you through the application process and make sure that you choose the right framing contractor loan for your business.

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