Using Business Loans to Hire More Staff

Ezra Cabrera

Updated: November 1, 2018
Hire more staff with business loans
They’re called “growing pains” for a reason. Expanding your business means opening a new location, buying new equipment, or hiring new employees.  All these require an adequate amount of cash on hand to enforce. In most cases, a majority of small businesses don’t have the working capital on hand at any given moment to hire new staff.

This is why a smart business owner will develop a successful financing plan that keeps its working capital at a sufficient level. With enough funding, they can continue to operate effectively, as well as implement growth opportunities when the timing is favorable.

Small business loans are one way to boost working capital. But you also have to be responsible when using it. Otherwise, you’ll end up being in a worse place than before. By securing a loan, you can obtain the capital you need to hire more staff and grow your small business.

What are Business Loans?

Finding the right way to manage your finances is key to running your small business. Financing plays an important role in the success of your business. Multiple financing alternatives can accommodate business expenses. When it comes to growing your company, or specifically when it comes to hiring new staff, a working capital loan is one option to consider.

Working capital loans, or business loans, are short-term loans that can help you cover your operating expenses for your small business. Compared to traditional loan options, the terms are usually shorter and the overall amount borrowed is also generally lower. Working capital loans are an opportunity that small business owners can leverage to keep their finances in check. This will also ensure that they’re always prepared to grab new business opportunities.

Naturally, you’ll need to set aside a specific amount of cash for your business to run its daily operations. However, with lesser capital, you won’t have the luxury of bringing in more people. This, then, leads to lesser business efficiency and less than ideal services or goods provided to your customers.

How Do I Acquire a Small Business Loan?

Like all underwriting, the most important aspect of applying for a loan is credit history. The lender will do an extensive credit check on the small business as well as the owner. They will consider your length of time in business, your payment history as a business, your debt as a business, and your personal credit history. They might also consider your annual revenue and cash flow to determine if you can manage the repayment of borrowed funds.

The key to applying for a small business loan is to establish a strong working relationship with your bank. Be open and give them all of the information they need to run their credit check and make a decision regarding your application. Some of the things you might need to provide our business and personal tax returns, financial/bank statements, and legal business documents (commercial leases, any franchise contracts, articles of incorporation, etc.) if requested. Be sure to have all documents ready so when the lenders ask for it, you can provide it immediately.

Another tip when applying for a business loan is to consider multiple lenders. Different financial institutions have different restrictions and qualifications regarding their terms. By comparing multiple options, you can examine the different interest rates and terms of the loans, and then choose one that is best fits your situation and goals. Be sure to consult a financial expert, too, as they can give you more insights about business loans and whether the terms fit your company or not.

Using Small Business Loans to Hire More Staff Sets You Up for Long Term Growth

You must place the right people who are in a position to set your business up for success in the short and long term. This will establish a solid foundation for long term growth. This means hiring enough workers to cover all positions and staffing them effectively. Remember that hiring more staff can be costly and without enough cash, your business will come down crashing.

Working capital loans offer small business owners options when it comes to expanding. Because of their flexibility and utility, small business loans are a great option that can easily finance expansion opportunities such as the hiring of additional staff.

Compared to other financing alternatives, business loans can anchor you over the long-term. You receive the capital in one large sum, with no restrictions on utility. From covering payroll to hiring new employees, this makes a small business loan the perfect solution for keeping the right people on the job who can boost revenue and profitability for you and your company.

Ezra Cabrera
Ezra Neiel Cabrera has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a major in Entrepreneurial Marketing. Over the last 3 years, she has been writing business-centric articles to help small business owners grow and expand. Ezra mainly writes for SMB Compass, but you can find some of her work in All Business, Small Biz Daily, LaunchHouse, Marketing2Business, and Clutch, among others. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her in bed eating cookies and binge-watching Netflix.

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